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Family Roots. happy Hens.
Superior Eggs.

At Hamilton Eggs, we believe that
happy hens lay healthy eggs.

We are a world-class marketer for family-owned farms that is dedicated to one thing – providing you, your local restaurants and grocery stores with amazing eggs. Period.

You can find our conventional and cage-free eggs across the country!


is a world-class marketer for family-owned farms providing high-quality, safe, nutritious eggs.



Our History

Hamilton Eggs opened its doors as the egg division of the Hamilton Farm Bureau co-op in 1927.


In 2020, Hamilton Eggs (previously a brand of CHS – the nations’ largest farmer-owned cooperative), was purchased by two local, family-owned farms – DeWeerdt Poultry and Zoet Poultry.

Both DeWeerdt Poultry and Zoet Poultry farms, among other area farms, have processed and marketed their eggs through Hamilton Eggs for more than 60 years.


Today, the values of our family-owned farms are what drives Hamilton Eggs to continue to be a top-of-the-line marketer of high-quality, safe, and nutritious eggs.

Each day, roughly 2 million eggs from our partner farms make their way through our facility.

They get cleaned, checked, checked again (and again), gently placed into their cartons, packaged and shipped out all across the USA. 

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