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Our Eggs

We take great pride in providing eggs that are safe, high-quality, and nutritious. We work tirelessly to ensure our eggs meet and beat your expectations!


As eggs enter our facility, they are thoroughly cleaned.


Next, we inspect them over and over again for any imperfections.


Once inspected, they gently find their way into their carton.


Finally, they are packaged for shipment to your local grocery stores and resturants.

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Eggs are incredibly nutritious (and delicious)

Eggs are a great food to include in any meal and provide a number of health benefits.

  • Nutrients from eggs help sustain mental and physical energy throughout your day.

  • Eggs help build and maintain muscle tissue.

  • They can be included in diets for prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

  • Are a recommended nutrient-rich food choice for maternal and infant health.


7 grams of

high-quality protein

5 grams of

healthy fats

Only 75 calories

Disease-fighting nutrients like lutein & zeaxanthin

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